first time me and my good lady on same final table



ok, so this is the first time me and my missus played a rebuy together after i got my laptop yesterday. we both rebought once, and added-on.
no collusion, but we'd watch each other's tables. also, we didnt meet till the final table. i had QQ in BB and was short-stacked, so had to go all in, got called by KQ and a king appeared on board to knock me out. liz had a terrible run of cards, but was after the betting to strongbad and he folded every time he was small blind and she was big blind to help her. she would have come 5th(which is what she wanted, $30, i wanted the buy-in)but the next short-stack caught a straight on the river!
fantastic fun, and we will do it again.thanks for some of the other guys helping her out!


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Egon Towst

Egon Towst

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It`s Victor Chandler, judging from the style of that info panel.

Be nice to have more details of the tourney, though. What was the package you were playing for ?

Oh, and you have a woman who plays a good game of poker ? Congratulations. Make sure you treat her right, she`s a keeper.;)