Im A Pro: It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a higher pair than Aces in Hold'em, not "the chanse of them getting a pair higher then yours in hold em is really low" as you said! You really aren't a pro!

gary8700: You said "i think there only good 65% of the time or something like that!" If this is is STILL better than any other hand preflop. No other hand is going to have as high of a winning percentage as pocket Aces pure and simple!!!! Yes other hands might win some times, but they WILL NOT LOSE the MAJORITY of the times.

Too many people get way too excited when they get AA and either go all-in and pick up the blinds, or slowplay and DO NOT know when to fold.

You should raise and re-raise AA practically EVERY HAND. The only time when you might not is if the table is shorthanded, and you are in one of the blinds. Here, if the pot has ALREADY been raised, you might just call and check-raise on the flop. NEVER LIMP with AA or KK EVER!!!

The reason players are "afraid" to play AA because they lose is when they don't know when to fold them = your read is telling you a player has you beat, 4 flush or 4 straight is on board, a tight player suddenly wakes up and raises.

When I hear people say, "dude i never play Pocket Aces after i see the flop and check that it doesnt help me unless i can get as good as a two pair" I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Either #1 you are straight up lying and overexaggerating (In my experience, I have NEVER seen anyone fold AA after the flop) or #2 you are a horrible poker player and I hope I sit down across the table from you.


sometimes u have to fold pocket aces after the flop..even if its heartbreaking..but if u cant fold em there ur not really a good player,or cant read ur opponent..
and yes, i have folded it. ^^
btw,if ur a "pro", u must have seen ppl lay it down. i dont like bs ;D


I have to agree with CHICUBS~ dont think that you ould lay down AA after flop since there are only a few instances where they hit the flop big as compared to not hitting it or being on a draw~:withstupi


If you are scared to play aces then quit playing poker! Cubbies touched on the keys points, I just add that if you can't or are timid when you play aces then don't waste your money on poker! There are many great card games that do not require you to wager money. I suggest you find one of those games you like.:top:


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Get your aces cracked 2 or 3 times in a row. That will give you a slap of reality that AA might be the mighty hand but is not bullet proof. LOL.

But, as many books said. They are meant to be played fairly agressively. And for good reason. They don't play well with many opponents.

On the whole AA is a good hand. But, give me a sneaky low Nut Straight. Then I can make some real money. :D



AA .....i am happy to have anytime.....they sem to get cracked if i try to slow play em so have learned to not slow play em as often as i used to especially in the later stages of a trny.....


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AA has been a good hand for me, but I dislike KK, lost 7 of last 10 after flop had an A!!