Check N Raise Poker...BEWARE!!!!!!



:mad: This is for all existing ChecknRaise players. Last week CNR came back online after joining some poker consortium or whatever. Since they came back online many existing players have been unable to access their accounts. Numerous players, including myself, have called and emailed CNR numerous times about this problem. They tell players they can access their accounts in 24, 48hrs, or they say the end of the day. Players have been calling them for 6 days and the only thing CNR says is it's a problem with their servers. Their banner says "World Class Poker, First Class Service". The first class part is only for new players while players who have been with CNR since the Dynamite Poker days are left without their accounts and their money. Is this a scam? Are players being ripped off?
If your an existing CNR player who hasn't tried to access their account, you won't be able to. As for players considering CNR, BEWARE!!!!!!!