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Suckout Queen
Most of us have played all over different sites and we're pretty knowledgeble about the game. What I want to know is if we were to design our own site what would you like from where and why?

Do you like avatars that you can change? Do you like low limit games? How many in a free roll? Bonuses? What games would you have on your site?

This is sort of like a Sims design question here.

One game that I found on dream poker that I would have is 5 card stud. I forgot how much fun that game is and how good it is to train you to play HoldEm.

I also like a stupid feature where the player calls out his or her move as in bet, check or call. That way if I am away from the screen but within range I can keep track of what is going on.

Feel free to be creative. Maybe one of us can design a site using these ideas and give us a .05% creative share of the site. ;)


Avatars like pokerstars
Backgrounds like Full Tilt
Control panel like UB. (the old version of the control panel) with fold/show
Hand Strength/Probability at showdown like
Fish/Donks like RVP to play with.


Cool idea Karen!

I would have to say my first would be the changeable backgrounds of the room like Ultimate Bet. From a breezy trpoical Aruba, to a Vegas skyline background.
I really like the avatars from JetSet with changeable faces and expressions.(also their custom ones are cool) And even their custom chat feature you can change the mood that you are in.

I would have a cross between Titan and UBs hand history. Both are pretty good and infact these days I think Titan maybe be a bit better than UBs. it doesn't start over when you get moved.

Like you Karen, I like the feature of the bet, check or call sound effects. I would even throw in the rabbit feature like I would also have a better betting slider than some sites have that's a bit more accurate(even typing it in alittle easier)

I would have a good choices for ring games and MTT.
From 5 card stud to 7 card stud with h/l mixed in. Even 2-7 triple draw(I would like to learn that one) Maybe a few more micro NL tables and a vast range of MTT and SNGs thrown in for good measure. Also would have low buyins step tournaments for bigger tournaments with a limit of 1000 players. Like for the wsop, WPTs etc....

And just being silly, a special feature that when you get sucked out on the river a few times by the same player, that you can have a loud squeeking sound like a rat or a sucking sound that all the players could hear. Taking that one step further would be sound effects of a flushing toilet for a flush, a motor boat for a full house. a thud for Trips, etc........ Of course with player option to turn off if it gets annoying :D


Cardschat Hall of Famer - RIP Buck
Avitars>> PokerStars, cause you can put your own,
Fulltilt>> you can change where your sitting anytime you change to a different table,, and i like there controls, real easy,
Titan, CD poker and Noble,, i like the sounds there like,I`m allin.
Ultimate Bet has some nice backgrounds.
Almost forgot,, Fulltilt has the BEST Final Table background
buck:hello: :cool:


I'd add in fully-controllable private tables - ring, SnG and MTT with the ability to select any game type (plus HORSE and SHOE and the like for tournys), and set blind increase rates and prize pool splits.