Which is the best poker room?



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I have been playing poker online for some time now. And I still haven't found an honest poker house. Do you have a poker room that doesn't seem to be stealing?:mad::mad::mad:


Not really sure what you mean by "stealing". I consider all the major names in the business to be fairly safe places to play including:

* pokerstars
* GG Poker
* 888 Poker
* partypoker

These are all, what I call "regulated" sites, meaning they are applying and getting licenses in many regulated markets. If none of those are available in your destination, I would also feel fairly comfortable depositing a small amount of money like 500$ or less on the following sites:

* Betonline
* ignition / Bovada


I know for sure that all the big well-known poker rooms are normal and do not cheat. Unknown small rooms are deceiving. You need to watch out for them.


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IDK who is stealing me or who isnt, but i have much better results in GGPoker generally, sometimes, i just stop playing PS after incredible bad beats, and come back later, to get more bad beats, or run very hot, then repeat. I cant grow, or grow slow af and play out of my BR, slots, then lost a lot of money, feel bad, grind 0.50 micros... and never had a nice prize at MTT or any important.

But, the BEST results i have, are in iPoker rooms, I can have a nice win rate (im a SNG and MTT player) just playing!, no extreme bad beats, and i feel there are tons of recreational bad players at micro limits.

My fav. is GG, and the one where i play mostly, but i have much much better results at any iPoker skin (right now im at betfair, they put daily missions that are a plus to my bankroll, and some other little promos at casino or sportsbook).

Try iPoker!, there are 4 freerolls daily in all iPoker skins if u dont want to deposit before try it.