Bad BOL update?



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Sep 23, 2021
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Wondering if it's just me. Latest update on BOL is terrible. I play on android. Here's what is bad that happens to me and/or I just don't like.
1. When I'm in a running tournament and I hit tourny lobby a pop up comes up to register. Have to close it every time. It also does it basically anytime you want to see a lobby even if your already registered you have to close this registration box. Fix that BOL.
2.When I am eliminated from a tourny I have to close the App everytime and then open it again and log back in. It's like the app is frozen every time I'm done in a tournament. Fix this too BOL.
3. The new tournament listing screen shows much much fewer available tournaments then it use to. Not because less tournaments, but because the description for each tournament is so much larger than they use to be, therefore can only see a few at a time and have to do much more scrolling. Another bad update that should be reversed.
4. The first page tournament listing like in number 3 above....on those tourny info on first tourny page shows less info for each tourny therefor I'm clicking on more tournaments to see info on the tournament. This again is a bad update.
And sometimes after clicking in the tournament...when info pops up sometime the top section of the tournament info is completely missing. This also needs fixed.
A couple updates back the tournaments were drastically changed. Low buy in tournaments with guaranteed amount payout became less few with smaller payouts and number of satellites prolly tripled. I like the buyins that pay out money way more than playing satellites. Is there really a need and want by people for all these satellites? Maybe there is. I don't know. But I thought that update awhile back was horrible too.
Anyways...any1 else getting these problems with the latest update like I described? I was already debating not playing BOL any more after a few months ago update and if these bugs aren't fixed I prolly will completely stop playing BOL.
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