Atlantic City Bound..



Hi all!!

I am a relatively new member here and alot of folks probably dont know me as Im not qualified yet to play in the league games.

I will be leaving shortly to pick up a online poker playing friend who is coming in from Toronto. Tomorrow we head on down to the Taj Mahal In Atlantic City to play in the WPC Showdown. 4 tourneys (Limit, 7 card stud, Omaha Hi/LO, and the grand daddy $150 buyin NLHE) plus a qualifier for the Ladies wsop are being held. I am playing in two definitely (Ladies NL Wsop and the Main Event) and perhaps the O8B (but leaning towards playing a tourney at the Borgata or Tropicana).

I have played in one live tourney in my 6 month career, where I made a relatively early exit with pocket JJ (that was back in December) Since then , I have learned a lot and have won 5 tourneys including a leg on the ONline Poker Tour.

I have been rounding into shape nicely: final tabling and making small cashes in different league events and had a runner up finish on Sunday so I am due for a win or at least a good cash!!! Last night I was bubble girl..............

No jitters yet but I am very excited..



Sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great time. I hope you can pull off a victory, All hell win all four!!!!!!


Borgata has the nicest Poker room in AC. From what a few friends told me that are AC local, Weekedays as some tough full time players. Weekends bring in a lot o Fish.


Sorry for the belated report..

Got a late start on Thursday (the day before the tourneys) so missed getting in to AC on time to register for the evening tourneys at Boragata or Tropicana which have a low $ buy in. My friend Carol (DCI_assassin) had come down from Toronto via train and I drove us down to AC. After settling into our rooms at the Taj and then getting a bite to eat at the Stage Deli right in the casino we checked out the poker room and then went to the hospitality suite for the Registration.

Originally I was going to Play the Omaha Hi/Lo tourney on Friday morning. I decided not to as I hadnt been working on my game. Only 16 gals entered and the tourney lasted a good 5 hours at least. The tourney ran into the Ladies Wsop qualifer so had I made it pretty far in the Omaha tourney I would have missed a good chunk of that tourney (which might not have been such a bad thing!!).

The Ladies Wsop failed to get the 40 participants needed to pay a seat with 36 entered. SO it was to be a winner take all tourney.. Two gals went out boom boom at my table with in the first blind round. I said OH OH im in for a short run. We started with 5000 chips and I believe we were supposed to have blind rounds of 20 minutes. I think that may have been sped up to 15. let me just say that with the slower play live, coupled with lack of cards you lost chips rather quickly. By the time we were at 200/400 there was a $100 ante, costing you $700 a round. I had three playable hands the entire tourney... AT I played badly. I paired my ace but wasnt aggressive enough (which is usually not my problem when I have a playable hand) and I let the gal with K8os two pair. Guess I was afraid she had an Ace and a better kicker so I failed to get her out of the pot. Small blow but mistake noted. I limped with 55 got nothing on flop and bailed. Down to two tables I pushed all in with AA doubled up which kept me alive but then wound up blinding out somewhere around 16th or 17th I think.. All my other hands were either rags or I had gals pushing all in in earlier postion as the blinds rose and I couldnt isolate an opponent.

The next day in the main event $150 buyin. Started out well when I took down a huge pot on AT which i bluffed to the river and caught my Ace. My table soon took on the feel of a home game with 4 or 5 ladies seeing each hand. Not my style of poker. I got impatient and chased a str8 i shouldnt have. Took down a nice sized pot from a fairly well known female pro who I have played against a bit. I wound up going out somewhere about mid pack with a pit in my stomach.

Didnt finish anywhere as high up as I had hoped or thought I was capable of. I hoped in my car Sunday AM sped up the Garden State and Thruway and hopped on line and went to town bubbling and then cashing in a few tournies to prove I still could play. LOL!!!

Definitely need to get more live tourney play in. Definitely need to become a cash game player and slog thru hours of limit ring games as bread and butter as I pretty much opt for Omaha 8 if I play a riing game. A few weeks away from the tourney. I feel okay about my experiences and will do it again soon probably at Turning Stone!!!