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Royal Vegas Poker Gets the Big Slick - Offers $15,000 Freeroll[font=Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]October 7, 2005 -- Royal Vegas Poker has re-launched their already popular poker room and the results have been tremendous. The new look website boasts a cleaner, more modern feel and appearance, and the site's navigation has been stepped up to ensure a smooth and easy-to use interface.

The website redesign has proved to be very appealing to younger gamers who are enthralled by the many tournaments and charity campaigns that are on offer at Royal Vegas Poker ( The site is affiliated with the reliable and reputable Prime Poker network which means prize pools are bigger due to the increased amount of traffic on the network.

"A new look at the site led us to develop a strategy which ensures that players are getting more information at a glance when they land on our homepage. The registration process is clearer too, and much easier so that the user can now download while they surf our site," says Lou Krieger, well-known poker legend and host of Royal Vegas Poker.

Players can now enjoy poker without any fuss and they'll enjoy the great services that offered to them on the new site. One can now request forgotten passwords using the simple Password Retrieval system, which makes life so much easier.

The site has been designed to alleviate any stress that gamers may feel while playing at Royal Vegas Poker and the new website allows players to access any help that they may need while playing poker - the best sport around. Now the 24-hour, live support functions, Virtual Tour of the poker room, Alternative Purchasing methods and a nifty, little personal assistant called the Personal Poker Messenger can all be found on the homepage. This makes the player's experience more enjoyable and less stressful when trying to participate in the tournaments on offer.

Although winning poker is not easy - it requires discipline, skill, and effort - your online registration process should be easy, convenient and as simple as possible. Royal Vegas Poker's redesigned website was done in response to player suggestions, and will keep you returning to the best poker you can find online.


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I just went there to RVP and all i see is the 1,000 freerolls, did this start already or when does it start > nothing there about 15,000 freerolls>.buck:pcguru:


Guest the virtual tour changed to the new layout? Because I just took the tour and the tables/graphics look AWFUL! I thought the old layout was ok, and I sure hope they didn't change it. It looks like the graphics were set back 5 years.
Royal Vegas Poker

Royal Vegas Poker

Hi there Crippler,

The new version will be launched in November. Our thoughts were that it is more useful for someone online (even though it’s outdated) than not having anything online.

The software is still updated to the newer version, so no worries there.
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