Absolute Poker is cool !!!!



Hi ,

i had Monday and Tuesday big problems with AP and was not able to login.

I was registerd in a few Tourneys and not able to play them.

Yesterday i received two emails from AP:

A huge Sorry and a Invitation to the

WE GOOFED AP 5000 $ Freeroll.

I am going to play now and i hope to do some bucks. lol

Tell you later how it was.

First Update:

238 Players and first 45 places are paid.

85 $ for 45 - 28
100 $ for 27-22
105 $ for 21 - 18
125 $ for 17-10
150 $ for 9
150 $ for 8
155 $ for 7
155 $ for 6
165 $ for 5
165 $ for 4
165 $ for 3
165 $ for 2
175 $ for 1

I think it's nice to make the payout higher for all positions.

Hi ,

i am out really earlie lol

I got Pocket Q/4 in the big blind and i check of course...

Flop cames a Q/4/8 and i bet 200 ( second hand in the turney )

two caller rest fold.

Turn comes a J and i bet another 200

One Fold and one raises me and i call another 200.

River comes a King and give the dude a Straight King high.....

He got Pocket 9/10

Though guy in my eyes to call after Turn with nothing and the Turn just gave him the draw.

He got lucky and i am not.

My rest of 700 Chips i lost in a ll-in with Q/10 suited against a A/4 off suit....

He hit the 4, i hit nothing , even not my colour lol

So , that was my Tourney lol

Finish on 199th.

PS: Grumble that's my second in a row in the good categorie....
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Absolute and I do not get along! The mix of bonus whores, players who won freerolls money, and having to play shorthanded just plain drove me to rehab! Although to their credit they seem to always have some sort of reload promo going.


Hi xdman,

that's right but it was a good thing what they did yesterday,

spend 5 K's to the people about the problems.

Absolute is not my favorite Pokersite but i was surprised.


Absolute and inter are the 2 sites the so called "bonus whores" play extensively at. The reason this sucks is they don't play! Their number 1 priority is getting their hands in to clear their bonuses and you sit at a table with them you might be lucky to see 60 out of 1000 flops that's how tight they play. Everywhere you read online these 2 sites are supposed to have juicy games. I have found it to be the xtreme opposite of that now that a significant number of players at these sites are simply chasing bonuses. I can't argue with the strategy because it appears to be an effective way to fatten your bankroll. Just really annoying when I want a game and everybody is sitting down but nobody is playing anything but big pairs.