Trouble Funding Your Bankroll? Have you considered Extortion?

I came across a story about unscrupulous movers being made to pay damages to customers whom the mover had extorted, threatened, and robbed. We have a lot of low life movers in Canada that sell you a deal to move your stuff, and when they show up demand more money, or refuse to unload your belongings unless you give them more money, etc. I was looking forward to reading about about these dirtbags having to pay up. The story was on Canada’s CBC site.:

It appears a judge ruled that Galaxy Mobile Storage of Vancouver, Canada, have engaged in unconscionable and extortionate business practices by detaining the claimant's possessions in bad faith for the purpose of extracting excessive compensation. I find they destroyed and damaged the claimant's property intentionally

Provincial court judge Joanne Challenger ordered Galaxy Manager Sean Giesbrecht and Director Gillian Epp to pay the Lawlor family $25,132 in damages. But the best part is: “The judge said Epp and Giesbrecht, competitive poker players who are also life partners, should be held personally liable for what happened.

Either they’re good cash players, or the scummy mover biz must do OK, because it would be hard to live off of their tourney earnings.

Gillian Epp Hendon Mob:

Sean Giesbrecht Hendon Mob:
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