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David macdonald

David macdonald

Hello, I occasionally stream on twitch and I have a really good question which has been bothering me, I am hoping fellow streamers can help.

I know how to acces hand histories on pokerstars and I know how to use it in the CC hand replayer which is an excellent tool btw.

However, I want to make a video with hands from various tournaments from pokerstars and put them together. So I have a list of hand histories but Im unable to put them into a hand replayer on stars. I can use the virtual hand replayer during a tournamentand to go over those hands but how do I get older hands into a stars replayer ?

I see for example when Daniel negreanu post hands after his games he plays them from a hand replayer I think but hes able to click immediately to specific hands rather than click through them to find a specific hand, how is this done?

I could probably make videos of hands after each tournament using the replayer then piece them together with a voice over at a later date but this is too much hassle, does anyone know how this is done?

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