Psychology and an overlooked part of bankroll management



Jun 17, 2010
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We all have comfort levels and points of tilt inducement; especially when it comes to bankroll or poker budget management.

As someone with a career in psychology and also avid poker lover; looking back it dawned on me that for me; as one who uses "auto top off" online, the moment I see I couldn't top off full on a table because balance is too play changes. Whether tighter, or looser, whether faster or slower, it changes. Something changes there and I noticed it.

Obviously we shouldn't play if we can't comfortable reload or know we have more than enough behind us for a certain stake; so it's a great reminder to follow good BRM. Because even though I long ago stopped checking the cashier much and stopped checking results as much; seeing a table where I'm not topped off, was probably a big part of me spewing or losing spots I'd normally easily figure out.

I tested this out recently after not feeling poker for a bit and realizing I was playing sloppy anyways. The second I topped off my roll to a more comfortable amount I felt comfortable with behind me for the stakes I'm play changed. I no longer had that "fear" of not having enough to auto top off, I played without fear and my game goes back to the groove.

Just an interesting thought i had reflecting on online play.
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