Poker and Linux - Is it possible?



I've been using Peppermint OS on a barebones laptop and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. I've been a fan with Ubuntu and its equivalents, and would like it to be my main OS of choice over windows.

The only issue, is that poker and linux don't really get along.

I know you have the browser-based sites, and pokerstars appears to work well with WINE/PlayonLinux. But, does anybody put in the hours grinding solely on Linux?

Has anybody been able to get this software working, or know of any Linux compatible ones?
- Hand Tracking software (e.g PT4/HM2)
- equity Calcs (e.g Pokerstove/Equilab)

Any advice would be helpful with this. Been scouring the web about this, but it still seems the best option is a dualboot with Windows and Linux, and that has its issues too


in a word, NO. I had to final reinstall windows. I even tried crossover but unless you know every dependency needed to install a program. It wont run. Had no luck with BCP or ignition. WINE didnt even seem to help. None of the poker rooms run on Win XP anymore so thats one reason


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It works for me...

Maybe im just lucky playing at Ladbrokes but their poker site appears to be written in html5. no software to install. works fine on liuxmint anyways...


For great cheap free software and computing power linux is the best in my opinion. I have never used the platform for gaming unless it is Chess or Go. When I am betting more money than what my computing system is worth I want to know it can play faultlessly. Does anyone know the best and worst combinations of Linux and Poker clients? I mean, does PokerStars crap out with Mint consistently or does partypoker run on steroids with Manjaro..for instance.


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i installed both Os on my computer when its for poker boot windows for everything else linux, another way is with virtual machine windows on top of your linux. gl