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Forgive me for wasting thread space, but I thought I should start a new thread....we have to get this absurd law repealed.

I will be sending this letter to my congressmen.

January 18, 2007

Senator Sherrod Brown
United States Senate
Washington DC 20510

Dear Senator:

This letter is a very serious one about our freedoms being lost in the country I love. This is no longer about Republicans or Democrats. This is about America, the land of the free and about what is happening.

I enjoy wagering on football and even play a little poker as do millions of other Americans. I am sorry Mr. Senator, but I am not a criminal.

What happened recently is a frightening and sad story for the American people. In October, 2006, Senator Frist attached the Online gambling bill to the very important Port Security Bill in the midnight hour of the last session of Congress. This crossed the line of faith and trust of the American people, and is contrary to what our forefathers meant the legislative process to represent.

Certainly there are issues about gambling. We all need to take any addiction seriously, and of course, we need to make sure that our children are safe. There are many ways to address both of these concerns that the American people would support.

This week American entrepreneurs were arrested and treated like terrorists. I think you would agree, Mr. Senator, that loyal Americans such as myself, are not terrorists and are prepared to help the government win the war on terrorism in any way possible. Lumping gamblers and poker players in with this group is degrading, insulting and just not right.

It is my understanding that the IRS allows illegal bookmakers (including those outside the United States) to file their tax returns imposing a flat 2% tax on the bookmaker’s handle (business volume) and guarantees that no information will be disclosed to other government agencies. Since the IRS is profiting from so-called illegal activities, will the DA file money laundering charges against the IRS?

When are the politicians going to stand up for freedom and the right of Americans to participate in a harmless hobby that could certainly be described as the pursuit of happiness?

I urge you and other political voices to take a stand and do what is right for the millions of law abiding Americans that chose to gamble online.

Obviously the government is not anti-gambling since they sanction gambling at horse race tracks, bingo halls, state lottery, riverboat and land-based casinos etc. The biggest gamble of all is the New York Stock Exchange.

Please speak up now. What freedom will be taken away next? Please do the right thing to stop the erosion of the very freedoms other proud Americans have fought and died for in the past.

Allow Federal police and judicial officials to spend their time in more productive ways chasing, catching and incarcerating real terrorists with the support and help of us loyal Americans that happen to enjoy playing poker online.

Mr. Senator, hear the voices… please help to repeal this ridiculous law now.


Thomas R. Baker


It's worth a try. I think we all should try to contact our congress people. When you do, mention that you're a registered voter (even if you're not). That will get their attention. Let us know if you hear anything back from Senator Brown.


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Good luck with your letter and it is from these small acorns sometimes the mighty oaks can grow, i know about the Poker Players Alliance and their voice i believe is growing, but if everyone starts singing the the same tune surely something must be done?

I wont go into politics but i no longer believe anything said.
If our leaders said it was raining i would need to check first, but keep plugging away.

In fact our government (UK) is doing the complete opposite to yours and bringing in regulations for pokersites to sign up with :cool:

The rest of the world knows how crazy your leaders have been and are waiting the change.


i have sent letters to my senators and congressmen. a few actually. some where as short as i play poker and i vote. i have received some very generic responses in return. because i can't line their pockets like other causes can


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Mr. Senator, hear the voices… please help to repeal this ridiculous law now.

I'm sure he's already hearing voices...and they're slipping him 100's when no ones lookin'. ;)