No Rake online poker - Im All In



Rising Star
I used to play online poker from 2003-2005 playing Sit&Go $5-$25 entry fee for an average of 8 hours daily. I may not be d best but I consistently win 60-65% on $5-10 but hit my skill level ceiling at $25 entry fee. Knowing ur level is important if u want to be a grinder. So i stayed where I’m able to win 60-65%
The reason I stopped? Rake fees, I realized its still not worth my time & energy so I switch to Daily Fantasy Sports. But now there is a new online poker site that charges NO RAKE! So I will be all in on this one and hopefully be back grinding on d game I love NL Hold Em 💰🍺 and yes, with beer in hand. Happy grinding!


Rake Free Online Poker

Hard to envision any online site not charging a rake and staying in business for any period of time.
Rakes are how online companies make money, so ignoring access to these charges is basically providing a service for free, very difficult understanding this rational unless there are other area’s on these sites that require players to pay a fee. :confused::confused::confused:


No rake

Well many online sites dont charge rakes. Facebook, snapchat, whatsapp etc. There is a way to make money just by driving traffic to your site. No rake would be a BIG traffic driver!!!