Limit on no limit all in?



do you th8nk there should be a limit on how often you can go in? What I mean here is playing say10/20 blinds with 5k stack and going all in. Should you be only able to do this say once per round? You could still call all in as often as u like and if say less than 10 BB you can go all in as often as u want. Thoughts?


The way I see it I don't mind unlimited all-ins simply because its a toss up to the player making the all-in.


Step away from the NLHE rules, sir!

That would hugely change the strategy and tactics. The angles brought to NLHE are why I love it so much: the parts you can see; the parts you can't and the range of ways you can influence the table.

I'd be okay with you creating PONLHE (Pseudo Occasional No Limit Hold Em)! It'd be interesting to see how those strategies and tactics would change.


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I like the idea of pushing all in at anytime especially when you have a hand that you can challenge a big stack with and try to double up through them, but it can be annoying when someone keeps going all in for every hand, so it could have its benefits, so I’m not for or against the idea