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Mar 5, 2019
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Just wanted to share two bluffs I made in ACR $10 freerolls.

It can be done just not often.:D

Hand 1--- level 5 75 150 15 ante

6 callers sb fold pot 1035 I am on the button J10off Opponents are in all positions.
Average stack 2.5 k for opp I have 3.5k

Flop :kd4: :qs4: :8c4:

flop checked around to me--I bet draws only when they have overs vs large fields with little fold equity

Turn :6c4:

Checked to me
How does no one have paint here? There are six of us:
one early position, 2 middle position, 2 late and the BB

If no paint, have they hit any or both of the low cards hmmmmm.
In my experience weak players with the Q will check twice and many will call any bet on the turn.
I have outs to a straight hmmmm. Freeroll players will check raise all in with Q6 on that board

Half pot bets get called a lot -flush draws don't fold the turn to half pot bets.
Why would they? Baby flushes don't fold to nut flushes!

I can continue with these ruminations but if you have played free rolls you know.

I think about bluffing is now the time hmmmmmm.

I decide I may be able to bluff the river. I make sure everyone can see I am thinking about the turn. If they are even watching. I make sure the little timer goes down to 5. Then I check.

River :kc4:

Board :kd4: :qs4: :8c4: :6c4: :kc4:

Checked to me no one seemed to take any time to think.

I took a five beat count then bet 833 into 1050
One player in mid position took the full time to decide to fold the late position player also took time to fold.

I WON!!!! :p

When bluffing vs inexperienced players you have to take actions to make them think. You have to sell the bluff like it is screaming value not just maybe value but screaming it.

One way to make free roll players think is to take the time to make bets like 833. They know you did not just quick click bluff. Some of them anyway.:rolleyes:

Hand number 2:

Blinds 100-200 folded to me in late position. The BB is inactive the BTN inactive as well. The SB only live player left loose but not strong player. I have played vs SB and have a good feel for her weaknesses. This player is capable of folding.
SB 4400 stack Me 4800

I have 5-2 off I make it 1000 .Why, I am hoping SB folds if not I can put a ton of pressure on the flop.

The SB thinks then calls. Pot 2200

It was possible that the SB could fold but I knew it was not guaranteed.

TIPS FOR BLUFFING: getting reads on opponents and then experimenting with bet sizing and board reading to learn to be effective in situational not mathematical poker actions really helps you when you move up and opponents might actually fold. Also it is great when you try a big bluff and fail and you lose nothing.

Flop AAQ

SB takes a few moment then checks. When I see that action it usually means they are trying to slow you down.

SB stack 3400
I wait 5 beats and bet flop 1300

Why 1300. As the hand before I am trying to scream value yet bet enough that the player cannot easily call. Using free rolls to learn bet sizing to maximize your bluff success potential is a great idea.

The SB tanks and then folds.

Looks like my reads were right and my bets were right.

If you start using free rolls to make well thought out bluffs not just jam it damn it bluffs. You will get called more often by players who you did not know do not think.

Do not let that stop you from trying a few bluffs in the right spots. Remember we are learning as we grow our bankroll.

Rob Hobson

Rob Hobson

Feb 2, 2012
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Most of the time (I) wound't go dow the river and bet it substantially with a runner runner on it.

Best of lucky.
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