Poker Brats



I was playing in a live tournament last Thursday with 75 players. On my table the players were mostly 30s to 50s (I'm 36) with the exception of a guy of about 19. He was running a commentary on every hand, showing off his chip tricks, which mostly involved just lifting up and dropping his stack, and generally telling everyone how bad they were. On one hand he raised and got called by one person, who then went all-in after a low rag flop. This guy calls and shows a pair of 9s, against the older guy's KJ. A jack on the turn saved him, and the young guy starts berating him, asking the table how much he needs to raise to get people to lay down (in his words) "shit hands".

At this point, I should mention that the tourney format has the previous week's winner as a bounty, with your stake money returned if you're the player who knocks him out. The bounty player was on our table, sitting to the immediate left of the young guy, and he was down to 1300 with blinds at 100/200.

On the next hand, the young guy is first to act and raises to 1000. The bounty doesn't even look at his cards and just shrugs and reraises all-in for 1300. I'm in cut-off sitting on a stack of about 6000 (I've got the young guy well covered) and I look down at AQs. I'd be happy to go heads up with the bounty, but I'm not too keen on a three-way pot, so I decide that as the young guy has been generally bullying the table with weak cards, I'll try to force him out. I reraise all-in (my image is quite tight at this table I think), and the young guy starts swearing and moaning. He announces to the table that I must have AA or KK, and how do I expect to get paid with such a stupid bet? His talking has the desired effect, and the button and blinds behind me all fold. He glares some more at me before folding and turning over 9-10. He asks me what I was hoping to achieve with my bet, and I happily replied - "Exactly that - your dead money on the table", as I flipped over my AQ. Everyone was quite happy, especially the bounty who flipped over AK and took the pot!!

When the young guy saw my cards, he launched into a tirade that didn't stop until about 5 hands later, when his all-in with A-7 was called by a guy with A-9. He started questioning how anyone could call with A-9, and then when the 7 on the flop was wiped out by the 9 on the river, he disappeared from the table in a cloud of expletives. Everyone was laughing at him, and about two hours later, he was still sitting in the corner of the room, telling anyone who'd listen how there was no-one in this place who could play real poker, and how he was the only decent player around.

As you've probably realised by now, there's no real point to this post other than to share an experience I thought was quite amusing....


Rock Star
Alas...all that energy wasted on the youth. I love playing against young arrogant bulletproof easy to trap.


Great story CueMaster...
It's shameful the way some youth act today. Seems like a whole generation was never taught how to be respectful human beings. I used to consider myself part of the MTV generation ( I saw the launch of the f-ing network for god's sake..... rocketship.....Buggles video) but now if you accusd me of being part of it I might have to take you out back and kick you in the face.
I hate the fact that at 34 I am talking like a grandpa complaining about the "good ol' days". That's how much I hate kids today and their attitudes. I just hope as I raise my daughter, I teach her how to be a respectful, caring, and loving human being that is concerned for others as well as herself.
I'm sure most of my friends feel the same way about their children.
Hopefully we can build a better generation than the one that currently exists.....cause in my opinion they pretty much all are pieces of crap.