Playing 2 + boards (turn, river only): High-Stakes Poker



I downloaded a show called high-stakes poker
which features big money players like farha, negreanu, t. brunson etc etc
they just basically filmed a typical high-stakes cash game being played but i saw something ive never seen before which was pretty interesting
after the occasional all-in after the flop, the players in the hand would decide how many times they wanted the turn and river to be dealt out, but they would keep the same flop
then they would play for half the pot in each respective turn and river
(kinda hard to explain, but ill give an example below)
i guess the reasoning behind this is if there's a bad beat, then they can even up with a second or third flop and split the pot up into halves or thirds, respectively, then give those fractions of the pots to the respective winners of each turn + river.

ex: (this is not the exact hand; i can't remember a real one, so this is just as close as i can remember)


Flop: 3♣10♣5♦

(an all-in ensues, and they decide to do the turn+river twice)

Turn+river #1:6♣,7♣
(sammy gets lucky and hits his flush; this win means he takes half of the total pot)

Turn+river #2:J♦,2♥
(Daniel N's set holds up and he takes the other half of the pot)

So Farha's lucky beat wouldn't have taken the whole pot because they played the turn+river twice, and instead he only takes half

Just decided to post this cuz i've never seen it before; i guess it's just something the real high-rollers do to avoid bad beats
anybody else seen this in a game before?

EDIT: another thing i saw but really didn't understand was a 'straddle'
something about making a min. raise without seeing your cards (?) maybe UTG (?)
anybody know what this is?
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Yes its called running it twice or running it thrice. It simply brings the "longterm" into the short term.



Here is the definition that I found

Straddle: A straddle is a blind bet made by the person under the gun. A straddle bet is equivalent to two big blinds. The person who posts the straddle gets to bet last in the preflop round. A straddle is very ill-advised in a limit game because you are unnecessarily posting a large blind bet out of position. Straddles are more common for games such as pot limit Omaha, where the straddle acts to increase the stakes of the game.


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That straddle definition is exactly right. It is considered to be the worst play in poker, except folding your big blind when noone raised preflop.

I beleive however, there are games in which this "worst" play, can be profitable, but granted the players have to be so horrible that the second worst play in poker is now something you can even calculate as profitable.

One other thing the "straddler" gets last option, so he can choose to raise the action preflop if he chooses to.