How do you protect your live bankroll from inflation?



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Nov 23, 2023
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FIAT is high inflation. There are many big brains saying USD will go to $0. But even if it takes a long time for it to go to zero, it's still going to be high inflation. And other currencies have even worse inflation than USD, which is a problem if you're a live poker player.

I mean how big is your live poker BR? It should be at least 20 buyins i guess? 200bb buyins that is.
But if you play for a living you probably want even a bigger bankroll for poker.
Probably 20 200bb buying should be easily and quickly available so you can't make any long term investments with them to protect from inflation.

I don't think most players take this into consideration for their hourly "salary" from live poker. They only think about $/hour and tips for dealer and maybe taxes. But while you are playing month after month and year after year, you should also know that your bankroll is inflating away.

It's also difficult to put profits from live poker into bank account because banks just say "oh its cash, its black money, we will confiscate it if it's a lot of money or deny the deposit if its a smaller deposit".

in 2021 inflation was 7%, 2022 is was 6.5% and it's probably going to get worse!
So 200bb and 2/5 is 1k times 20 buyins is 20k. You lose $1400 in 2022 because of inflation. That could be one players profits from 1 month which is a lot of money lost to inflation.
If you keep a bigger bankroll than 20 buyins then maybe you should think if it's worth playing poker at all.
Inflation is the invisible killer, the perfect scam, silently stealing our money in a way we don't even notice it's missing.
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