Poker and in business



Rising Star
Poker is a game of study and constant learning, in which you must be aware of the opportunities and details that surround each game table. There are several books and studies that explain how the chances of a game can be calculated, as well as with the correct study, you will know if a project will yield the expected results or is in a leaky boat from the beginning.
No poker
When choosing a poker table you must take into account several factors that will affect your outcome, just as a wrong choice in the business world can generate huge losses for you and your project.
If there is a table that has many competitors (be they experienced or inexperienced players), even if you are the best player, it is good to evaluate your competitors, opportunities and threats that involve this table. Stay attentive to the details and stay focused on your goal.
From the moment you enter the table, you must be aware of your possibilities, what are your positive points and what points should you keep an eye on your opponents. Keep calm and try to understand the environment and the dynamics applied to that table.
In business
When starting a project, you must carry out a study of the environment, check threats and opportunities to your business as well as verify who your competitors are, after all, the more competitors are in the same industry as you, the greater the difficulty in standing out in this market segment .
Study the market, analyze situations and create projections about the return that your investment may generate and what are the risks involved in this project. Starting a project without study is taking a step in the dark and treading a path to failure.


Not only that, even down to a single hand you gota carefully plan what you doing, the position, the players around you and their positions, their image, all that is the key to winning.


I agree with you. Poker is like a business, and it is like our lives in general. Only pragmatic players who adequately assess their risks and strengths have a chance to succeed.