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Jul 7, 2006
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its true, i have

Care to elaborate on it a bit more beyond the "pretty good" you have given it? Do you think it was worth the money?
Are there things included that are exclusive (stuff that can't be found in other source material/books)?


Oct 3, 2007
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OK, i was going to do this last time but I was in a rush...

OK the latest effort micon has offered "Micon Secrets" is awesome. Micon and his counterpart Brett "Gank" Jungblood [SP?] offer some killer secrets on all parts of the holdem world.

Micon offers around 7 lessons in MP3 format which are all downloadable for iPod or whatever. The lessosn I can remember are

  • Bankroll Management
  • Ring Game Strategy - Limit
  • Ring Game Strategy - NL / PL
  • SnG Strategy - Early & Mid
  • SnG Strategy - Late & HU
  • MTT Strategy - Part 1
  • MTT Strategy - Part 2

All of the lessons are really informative and most are over an hour each so there full of quality tips. The only problem I have is that the audio is a little dry and not so well recorded but its the tips you pay for not the sound production.

The second section of the course is the 9 Videos that Gank offers. Each video is of Gank playing in various situations and walking you through all his decisions while you get to see how he plays. He plays various games some SnG tuts - some late MTT stuff and some ring games. The vids arent downloadable but you have full access to them on the link you recieve when you pay for the course. Once again the production is a little bland but the info is top notch.

Apparently there are some "cheat sheets" or reference sheets in the works but are yet to be released so i dunno how good they will be.

I got the course on pre order for half the price (as I had ordered some of micons previous stuff) with free poker sidekick software (which I dont really use - not a fan of that kind of stuff) but even at like $96 i think it is - it is a really good buy for players of almost any level, and I stand by the fact it really helped my game. I give it 8 / 10

I guess most of the info given is found in books but it is interesting to be able to listen whilst playing rather than reading. He also sheds his viewpoint on questions asked and also opens up the doors for discussion with callers and emails.

Hope this helps!