Nash Equilibrium - GTO Buffet

So, I imagine I am not alone out there that has issues with math, I do have strengths, but I do know my weakness. My weakness is math. I understand the concept of GTO, but the math has me at level 0. What I can do however is memorize chartsNash Equilibrium - GTO Buffet So the concept is not completely hopeless to me.

I feel the concept of GTO is sort of broken down to A. Nerds that are great with numbers and B. People that somewhat get it but have not maximized potential.

Anyone want to start a GTO thread/Post here on the basics (which will then create responses) so for idiots like me that are bad with math can understand it betterNash Equilibrium - GTO Buffet

I can crush recreational tournaments, but yeah...the maths when I need them...Who wants to help a poker player out?Nash Equilibrium - GTO Buffet

Luckily I can apply reading people and overall skills to poker, but when it comes to the GTO, I am severely effed once a player puts me on exploits.
Don't you love my honesty?
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