And laughter and sin!

Hello everyone!!!And laughter and sin!
I want to say that a person should not miss his chance!)Yesterday I sat and played at the session in freerolls and microlemites.I didn't touch anyone)And laughter and sin!.I went for a smoke break, and suddenly at 21:00 a tournament on PS opens (I didn't register for it), I was given 10,000 chips for each, I have AA on the button .The player from utg goes Ollin, I'm calling.The enemy has a QQ, and Q is approaching him along the river.And laughter and sin!I am in a difficult situation-it just happened, that I was given a ticket for $ 11 for the entire Micromillions Rockerstars tournament-a guarantee of $ 1 million.I bent down heavily-I closed all the tables(to calm down)- I almost broke my laptop.))And laughter and sin!
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