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Feb 8, 2021
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I have been searching here and the internet for this but cannot seem to find the answer…

I have my HUD set up and it’s working great. I understand the stats and can see where they are way off, but I would now like to colour code them (like traffic lights).

However, I’m uncertain what ranges should be which colours.

I’m playing 6-Max cash.

Eg, VPIP - <18 red, >28 green in between yellow??

And advice on the other common stats, PFR, 3bet etc.



Jun 3, 2019
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Obviously this is very personal, so there are no firm rules like the answer to 2+2=? But for what its worth, here is the system, which I use for full ring (9 player) cash tables and tournaments:

* VPIP > 40 = fish (yellow)
* VPIP 20-40 and large gap between VPIP and PFR = semi loose passive (orange)
* VPIP 20-40 and small gap between VPIP and PFR = LAG (blue)
* VPIP < 20 = TAG (grey)

I have ended up with this system, even though its a bit over simplified, because I dont want to have to many different labels. A 43/32 and a 72/8 are quite different players, but they both play way to many hands, so they are both someone, I want to get involved with. The 43/32 is more like a maniac fish but still a fish, since he is simply playing way to many hands, whereas the 72/8 is the more classic and passive "driller fish". The guy who limp and call evey freaking hand trying to hit something.

By the same token a 18/4 is not really a TAG but rather a mouse. But its still a tight player and therefore not someone, I am super excited about getting involved with. In fact if he finally wakes up and raise preflop, I probably just get out of his way, unless I have a really big hand myself.

The only time, I really make a distinction based on preflop aggression level (gap between VPIP and PFR), is when separating LAGs from semi loose passive players. And this is because, ture LAGs tend to be far better players. So unlike the semi loose passive players, which are really just sligtly less bad fish, LAGs are not someone, I actively try to get involved with. Hope this helps :)