CardsChat Rules




  • Members may not use CardsChat for any advertising or promotional purposes. This includes in post signatures and private conversations. If in doubt please, contact us for guidance.
  • Members may not include affiliate or referral codes of any kind in any of their posts. This includes inviting members to outside poker clubs. Again, when in doubt, contact us for guidance.
  • Sharing CardsChat tournament passwords with anyone is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in the loss of password access and warnings up to and including a permanent ban from CardsChat. Likewise, members obtaining and using passwords for events they are not qualified for will result in the same consequences.
  • Posting links to outside surveys is not allowed.
  • We expect members to be respectful of one another. Rude, abusive, insulting behavior or language will not be tolerated on the forum. Personal attacks on other members, inflammatory posts and hate speech will not be tolerated. This rule extends to CardsChat private games and events.
  • Offensive images are not allowed in member avatars, in posts, or anywhere else on the site. Moderators will be the judge of what is offensive, but this could include anything depicting graphic violence, pornography, or nudity.
  • Making meaningless, non-quality posts for the sake of increasing post count or for any other reason will not be tolerated. All posts, except special language threads should be in English only.
  • Do not post in all CAPS.
  • Each member is allowed only one account. If you forget your original login details, use the contact page to reach Help & Support, or click here to reset your password. Multiple accounts per household will be permitted at admin and moderator discretion.
  • Asking for money transfers or just begging for money on poker sites is not permitted in any way, including in private conversations.
  • Links to illegal file sharing sites, or private solicitations for the sharing of copyrighted files are not permitted.
  • Copying and pasting content from other sites is considered copyright infringement and is strictly prohibited. This includes others’ posts and content on CardsChat.
  • ALL CardsChat rules apply to our private conversation feature and our private games. Members are expected to follow the terms and regulations of any poker site where we host games. All rules of the poker site should be followed during our games.


A signature is text you can add that will be displayed at the bottom of every post you make on the forum. We do have some rules that apply to signatures to keep them from being overly distracting when browsing forum discussions: 

  • No more than 2 lines
  • No more than 2 colors
  • Text only (no images, limited number of smilies/emojis)
  • Text size must be kept at default font size
  • Content must be in line with other CardsChat Rules

These rules are put in place to keep signatures from being a distraction in thread topics. Members failing to follow these rules could receive warnings against their account and have their signatures removed.

**Failure to abide by any of the rules listed above will result in warnings, access restrictions, or permanent bans from the site.**


CardsChat has a system in place to address any number of member issues, including proper forum etiquette, rule reminders, or rule violations.  These come in the form of formal warnings that can be given to you by a moderator or admin. 

Warnings with no points attached are usually a gentle reminder of our rules and/or guidelines. A warning with points attached (anywhere from 1 to 10 points) goes against your account. Points accrue with each warning, so if you received one warning worth 4 points, and another worth 3 points, you would now have 7 points against you.  Ten total points will result in a permanent ban from CardsChat.  

If you receive a warning from a moderator, we strongly urge you to follow the advice and/or instructions given to you in the warning. Ignoring a warning could result in further action up to and including a banKeep in mind that warning points do not expire. 

Infractions have points attached to them that go against your account. The points may vary, anywhere from 1 to 10 points, depending on the severity of the rule violation. Points are cumulative. This means that points from previous infractions will be added on to any new infractions a member might receive. Ten points will result in a permanent ban from CardsChat.

If you receive a warning and have questions, contact the moderator that gave it to you, or a CardsChat Admin. We will only discuss warnings in private, with the affected member. We will not discuss them on the forum, or with other members.


  • CardsChat reserves the right to remove any threads or posts without warning. Duplicate content is not permitted in the forums.
  • CardsChat reserves the right to warn or ban any members who willfully violate the forum rules.
  • The admin or moderator’s decision is always final.

Click here for a complete listing of terms & conditions.