The winner is the aggressor:



I am wanting to do some simple research the basic premise that you have to be aggressive in poker.

My thought is that if you are the last person to bet preflop you have the best chance to win the hand.

1)If you bet first and get only callers, you will win more times than you lose.
2)If you reraise preflop, you will more than likely win the hand.

Not sure how this works when it goes to all-in preflop, was thinking more of a hands that can be played out after the flop. I notice that if you raise preflop and do a continuation bet even if you don't hit, you can win the pots vs the callers. Just curious what you think about it.

I am wondering if someone would be willing to let me look a hand history of about 1000 hands or so in NL so I could see what I find.
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1000 hands in N/L OK :)

Yea but what your saying makes sense, but only to a certain extent, you have to take into account a few factors.

- Stack sizes
- Aggression factors of your opponents (work in progress)
- Skill level
- Table position
- Table image
What your talking about is effeictvely bluffing. AK un-hit, and a continuation bet on the flop is essentially a bluff, you need to know that your bluff will have some respect, so all of the above points factor.


I will start with the idea:
agressive=betting (preflop calling is not a bet)=strength

Aggression is the human factor in poker. The whole point of poker is determining what the other person has and are your cards better. What you have is irrelevant as long as you can make your opponent think he is beat (doesn't it matter if you do or don't have it if you get him to fold). When I fold and don't see his cards I assume he had me beat otherwise I would have called, right?

I just want to look at that for now and then can look at other things as I go. I have read several books and always read you need to be aggressive. I want to see what happens to the person who is most aggressive preflop regardless of the the cards/position for now. I may get 100-200 hands into it and go, this is total crap. I just thought of it and have some time this week and thought I may take a look at it.

I am just curious how it would come out and don't have a hand history from anywhere to try and do it. PM me and I will give whoever my email so they can send me a hand history. Sorry, I won't do commentary on your play like Bill offered.


ask doyle brunson
thats what he made his millions off of poker with when it was considered just a card game and before anyone did it as a job
Its also what most pros try to emulate now
it'll be interesting to see the results
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