What country are you playing from?



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I play in the UK. Very thankful that we have largely been left alone by regulation. No taxed winnings, and online poker is legal. smh usa...


I am playing from the country that is known for :

the best beers in the world

the best chocolades

at the moment the best national soccer team

and on of the highest covid-19 cases

Also we have the "capital of Europe"

For those who still not know it ......

I play from Belgium mostly on PS and unibet


I have been playing from Bolivia, but these days I am not playing much since work is taking a lot of time from me hahaha we hope to improve and win more time


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Jam sandwiches, anyone out there heard of new zealand? Well this is the country I am playing Poker from. I play with friends with real cards (always Texas Holdem), but online I am on pokerstars (top site) playing mainly with playmoney as I am not the best player. I really enjoy playing 8 game with play money its free! I enjoy playing 10cent Texas Holdem Tourney when I have a bit of coin, Maybe I will see you there one day, GOD bless and have a good game. CardsChat on all.
Jesus of Nazareth is The LORD!


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I play from South Africa. It's a pity that a lot of EU sites have blocked SA from playing there. I used to enjoy playing 888.
Hello fellow South African, I used to play real money games in South Africa until they banned us from playing real money. Now I'm living in UK playing 888 and Pokerstars.