Weird Places to Play Poker



Hey! I'm usually the kind of person to play poker in very traditional ways.... on my PC at my desk, on a lap top in the lounge, on tablet in bed (even occasionally on the toilet (laptop or tablet); but the other day while travelling between jobs, i was up in the hills and it was extremely foggy and the visibility was pretty rubbish, so i pulled off the road for a break and as i had some spare time, i thought i would give the fog a chance to lift and also get some hands played.

So, i connected to the internet on my tablet, through my phone and played poker. 700 ft above sea level, on a hill, in the fog. I sat chuckling to myself thinking how odd this was and what the weather was like with all the other players at the table...and also ...what was their situation while playing?

So, share with us your weird (not wonderful) places that you have played poker. A game that truly can be played anywhere!

Doblador bus

Doblador bus

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With the technology that exists today you can play poker anywhere, I remember seeing a photo of a trucker playing while driving his truck, crazy


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There is a guy at the gym I go to that I see riding an exercise bike while playing on ACR a lot on what looks like a tablet. I asked him about it since I didn't think ACR worked on mobile devices, it turns out that he has a Windows Surfacebook with a detachable touchscreen style screen and it runs just fine on there.

He's there almost every evening grinding it out on the bike.