STTs has turned my ROI into -8%.. at 888 poker..



My MTTs ROI is 19%..
My STTs ROI is -15%..

My total ROI is -8%..

I was in the positive ROI before the introduction of the Blast poker at 888 as I only play at 888 and only MTTs. But the Blast game has changed my ROI in negative.

I deposited only $30 in Jan and never deposited anything since that. So all game I have played or playing via freerolls or via Winning it or getting tickets via Spinning the Wheel.
I was playing poker Since 14th August 2015.
My overall ITM is 32%.

The problem is I played a lot of Blast game versus MTTs during these 4-5 months which turned my ROI in negative zone.
All data I have fetched from Poker pro lab.

Provide your valuable inputs.


Time to change the game your playing or drop down a level. You could always study hard and keep playing what your playing but it may take your entire roll in the process.


I have decided to quit the Blast game from my Range as I have always found myself strangled whenever the time runs out and leave me often at 2nd place ...
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