Poker DVDs??



i was lookin for educational poker materials on amazon and found some DVDs are these any good? or should i stick with books?:thumpdown :top:


Caro's DVDs

I've not seen the Lederer ones, but I have seen Caro's advertised during a TV Poker event. These seemed very inexpensive $19.99 I think.

I was going to buy them but never got around to it. Maybe I will try and dig up the phone number again.

I too am interested if anyone has seen any of them and what there opinion would be.

The commercial was tempting because Caro is kind of a nut and he says he will give you the "secret of playing AA UTG"


I had read Caro's book on tells years ago. The book was old then!...and the photos were from the 70's.

I recently viewed the DVD. Much better.
But.....tells are over-rated. It doesn't teach poker.

I was impressed with a DVD of Tom McEvoy. It's on loan to a friend and I can't think of the title. But he takes you through a single table tournament and tells what should be done and why. Very educational.

Sklansky's books are sitting besides my computer. He recently came out with a DVD. If I was new to the game, his DVD would be #1 on my list.