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Freeroll #3 Winner
hi nick just posting the letter that ridley sent to you as she has asked me to help out so here u go

Note: forwarded message attached.

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Pay out denied Please Read

Dear Ms. Ridley,

PokerHost appreciates your loyalty to our site and looks forward to a wonderful relationship with you.

Regarding your withdrawal request let me explain to you the way it works. Promotional money is any balance you count on before your initial deposit (any money credited into your account as well as the money incurred from that money). This money should be released in order to be cashed out or transferred; otherwise it remains in your account for you to play. First thing to do to release that money is make a minimum deposit of $25, and play five raked hands at a $1/$2 ring table or higher for every promotional dollar in the account at the time of the deposit. You can release your funds as you play!! For every 5 raked hands you play one dollar will be released for withdraw.

At this time your request has been reversed and the funds have been returned to the account. For specific details regarding our banking rules, you can refer to the following link from our PokerHost website:
We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause, we work to provide security and quality service to our valuable customers, thanks for your understanding and cooperation with our rules.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Staff via live chat, or our toll free number 1-866-POKER11.

Kind Regards,

Heilyn Palma
Account Security
Available for 24 hour telephone support at 1-866-POKER11

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: TJT-16178
Tracking URL:
Department: Account Security
Created On: 14 Jul 2005 02:14 PM
Last Update: 14 Jul 2005 02:14 PM
Status: Closed

<ticket no="TJT-16178"/>


I think its important to note that you must play on a $1/$2 table to get the money you already won......not to mention you must play 5 hands to get $1 of this money you

have a nice day


The key sentence is (any money credited into your account as well as the money incurred from that money).

Basically they are telling you that until you make a deposit anything you win is still subject to said wager requirement! That is pretty harsh... There are many other rooms who want your buisness. I personally wouldn't be playing under those circumstances. Now without asking exactly the dollar amounts I guess you need to decide if it is worth 25 dollars and grinding out the wager requirement to get your money. Cause most likely you will if you jump through their hoops. BTW Pokerhost has a bad reputation because of their cashout policies you aren''t the first to have this problem. It comes down to wether or not the dollar amount you are trying to cashout is worth making a minimum deposit and knocking out the wager requirements. Very common for a poker site to require a deposit before they will cash you ot the harsh part is that they count your WINNINGS from bonus money as bonus money, that is simply ridiculous.


OH...i've already decided to not play there again.
I passed this onto several peeps...that i thought would be interested.....and Goddess over at WPC...wrote me to let me know ..that very practice is why the WPC doesn't play there anymore...

To be honest with you...the 25 isn't worth the $100 or more it would take to get it...lololol
To many good honest sites out there...than to mess with this loosing site.


Rock Star
So to get your $1 you have to play 5 hands where they take their %.

lol Nice. I'd also like to sell you some magic beans and this cow if interested


man its the same everywhere

i think there're maybe 2 sites that don't make you get raked hands to unlock your winnings
its such bs

this is kinda related - i heard bodog poker lets you get something like a %20 bonus on deposits "up-front" i.e. no raked hands required
is this true?

i highly doubt it but hey i like to dream


Gee .... i don't know about that site...chuckTs.........I do know that noble has paid me over and over again....with no problems...and their promos are among the best....

As for poker host...i have deleted it...and im just going to chalk it up an experienced adventure that has turned into a learning spree...

As Always.......Ridley


I've said it before and now i'll say it again: Pokerhost is a TERRIBLE site and NEVER deposit any real money there. They enjoy screwing us over and over again because they are losing money. Their freerolls randomly dont even start sometimes, they have house players at the ring games, their cash outs are VERY hard to achieve, and i've even heard many stories of people playin with huge money being basically told to 'f*ck off' when they try to withdraw. STAY AWAY FROM POKERHOST.