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I used to get angry and frustrated with getting knocked out of tournaments when I had the best hand. Now I realize that it's just a part of the game. I figure as long as I played my cards right and was the clear favorite every time then I did my part. My question is, at what point in the tournament is it better to just lay down and not take the risk of getting knocked out even when you are up against someone drawing to a 3 or 4 outer? My last three tourneys I have been knocked out by heads up all in play and my opponent caught a 3 outer. I am a tight aggresive player and have no problem pushing all my chips in when I have the best of it. Is that logical? Each time I was knocked out early to midway in the tourney, also, I had an average to large stack compared to the field. Thanks for any advice.


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I just try to stay cool and wait for the next hand. I think we all go on tilt at times and it's a sure fire way to lose. Was playing in a $15 SNG on pokerstars Friday night and I checked in the big blind with 9-10s. Flop came 9-9-5, had a set - but got hammered by 4 - 4s (turn, river both 4s). Both us us with boats left early (another had J-9s). This happens to me more on Pokerstars than anywhere else. I usually take a minute or to to collect myself and look for the next opportunity...


on pokerstars you do suffer a lot of bad beats, but you just have to get over them and wait for a great hand such as 4 4's.


I hate to push all my chips in early, just because you have lots of loose players that will call you with a minimal amount of outs. Even when youre going to win a hand 90% of the time, if you do that same play 10 times early on, you only have a 35% chance of winning them all, and if you lose just one, you are out of the tournament.