New at poker!! Help please!!



Hey! My name is viviana and i'm just a girl starting in this poker stuff :confused: and honestly i'm very interesting on it! These last few days i've been looking forward to find a poker site that teach you great poker strategies and brand new fresh ideas about how to play it. And i found out a site called Absolute Poker in which you can find all kind of tactics to begginers! besides you can choose between playing with real money or not (just for practice) and i case you're curious you can always take a look (poker replay) to all the hands you've used during the game!Which i consider is a great feature! If you're a beginner or just love poker you should try it for sure! You get lots of oportunitties to improve you're skills and for free!. Anyway, Please you guys! I wanna know more about this poker game, so i'll be so greatfull if you'd email me back trying to help me out a little bit with it!Thank you so much!:p
F Paulsson

F Paulsson

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Hey, Viviana.

I suggest you check out the "Articles" section (link at the top up here) and read through those, I think you might learn a lot. If you have any specific questions, there will be many here willing to answer them for you, but starting with the articles should get you pretty far. :)

Good luck!


Play for free until you get a decent feel for the game and then you can move into the real money stuff online. The articles here are good and written by members here. You can also go out and buy a book or two.

I love the poker stategy and hand analyser area to learn about how people would play hands that are no so obvious or certain situations that come up.