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Apr 3, 2005
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Legal to play on your own computer, :eek: - with your own money :eek:

my god :eek::eek: is this the end of all humanity :eek::eek:

Oh - nope, its just common sense kicking in :p


Feb 13, 2006
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Just do it like the UK do, they have it down pat.
They don't even bother with monitors, especially when it comes to paying TV license fee's, yes my brothers and sisters TV license fee's.
If you own a Television in the UK you MUST pay £135.50 per year for the privilege.
So what you may think, here is more, if you own a vcr, dvdr,or a mobile/cell phone but no TV, you still pay, yes thats right, you still pay.
By the way, you may be thinking so who will know? lmao, they know, they know everything, rock on.
Egon Towst

Egon Towst

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Jun 26, 2006
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Just do it like the UK do,

Well, I`m certainly not going to pretend that there`s nothing needs improvement in the UK, ZZ.

But, in this particular area, on control of gambling, I think the UK has hit the correct solution, which basically boils down to three principles:

1) Inspection to ensure that games are fair and there`s no criminal involvement.
2) Protection of children and the vulnerable.
3) Once the first two issues are covered, leave citizens alone to do as they think best.

It could hardly be more different from the prohibitionist tendency which is gaining the upper hand in the States. I guess all of us on CC will agree that the latter way is the wrong way.