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Feb 13, 2006
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Earlier today I was watching a highlighted edition of Poker Night Live and the man himself was making a guest appearance along side two of the regular hosts.
I have no idea how long ago this edition was originally aired, yesterday, last week, last month, but it was definitely post $1 to $20,000 as this achievement was discussed.
They were answering questions from e-mails sent in by viewers, and while I didn't catch the start of the show, here are some interesting bits I did see towards the end.

Someone wrote in asking about Alan Guring ( I have no idea who this person is or if I even got the spelling right ) the master of the mini raise.
Ferguson and the two hosts appeared to know of this guy however, and Ferguson went so far as to say that he liked this strategy a lot and likes to use it himself.
When asked by one of the hosts if by that he meant he would raise up a 10-20 blinds level to 40 in total, Ferguson said, yes of course.

When an e-mail asked his opinion about books and the information that can be gained from them, Ferguson warned, there is a lot of bad information out there.

Another question asked about mixing up your play, and Ferguson responded with, some people make the mistake of thinking playing the same cards differently is mixing up your play, when in actual fact playing different hands the same way is the correct way to go.

He didn't elaborate any more on the above questions as the pace of the show was fast and the amount of e-mails coming in where huge.

As you can see, he said some very interesting things that many may not agree with, food for thought wouldn't you think.