Have you seen Jeff Boski's Poker Story?

Our guy is very good reading these stories I will laugh until 2025!Have you seen Jeff Boski's Poker Story?

Check out Jeff Boski's story our very motivating guy played 14 WSOP events without getting any prizes a total of $140K lost and on the fifteenth try he cashes and gets 130K less and still celebrates! "it was like a victory".
Man, if you had invested 140 K in savings for 14 years, would it be better than investing all that time of dedication to end up losing out yet??!!

There is nothing more expensive than invested time. The time you waste in some activity is the time you give up on doing another activity and the worst thing it doesn't come back!
Very inspiring history, well at least it shows well what poker is. And understand Jeff Boski is a great player, imagine for us lesser mortals!Have you seen Jeff Boski's Poker Story?
my peace of mind is worth gold