Final table Wished dead/cancer called a cheat and cant repeat other thing



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Aug 3, 2009
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So last night I made the final table of a six handed tournament. One guy was sitting out the whole final table which is very significant to what happened.

The sitting out player was in the BB when I was on the button this gets significant to.
So I was stealing the blinds mercilessly the reason been instead of having to get by two players I only have to get past one player now. and if called/re raised I have position.

I was putting pressure on the other two players who were shortish stacked due to the sitting out guy and ICM implications. the SB decided to war me and fight back against the blind steals which ended up in an all in clash pre with my TT vs his KT my TT held.

Now we are down to 5 players. and when I am in the SB when the sitting out guy is in the BB.

I have a big stack two 3 short stacks and one sitting out player well I go to war no one is min raising and getting that sitting out big blind every time I come over the top with any two they cant call ICM.

eventually they start folding every time sitting out guy in BB. the odd shoves take one guy out with big hand now we down to 4 players sitting out guy me and two short stacks.

Now I notice I have 180000+ chips blinds are 1 and 2k one guy has 20k chips other guy 14k and sitting out player 8k.

So I shove every hand but when BB gets down to 2k and can take out I fold!

yes its a bounty but ICM factors I can wind the other guys right down and go for an easy first.

This ended up in neither of the other two players playing back at me and me not really been devastated if they did. eg if the 20k player got all in vs me and doubled up I down to 160k hes up to 40k ok not good but I still have a massive edge.

They both end up blinding right down. it gets down to one guy left with 2bb and me still doing everything to fold him out and keep the sitting out guy just alive.

simply put because I want the easy win. this ended with the sitting out guy coming second and me winning the whole tournament for a nice cash.

I got called F** C** wont say it but sure you guys can work it out Wished dead Wished cancer upon called a F** cheat and threads have now been made about me on other forums calling me a cheat.

This isn't cheating its exploiting the situation and playing the ICM factor on the final table its logical strategical play.

I am aware I am a small time pro so dont have bragging rights etc, but this one was a brilliant final table play by me exploiting the situation perfectly. using my stack to bully the short stacks due to ICM and successfully taking out the other big stack that tried to war me because of it.

They may not like the way I handled it well tough I played well and won it. In dons you shove to exploit factor that others cant call you because ICM. You fold hands that would usually be a call because of ICM. I folded pre flop KK in a satalite before with no other action before me because of the bubble and ICM etc.

in poker you exploit the situation and structure of the tournament its not cheating if this leads to plays that wildly deviate from normal strategical play.


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May 28, 2016
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Seems like a non-issue to me...

What's your point? :dontknow:

Heaters gonna heat, hetters gonna het.

As an aspiring and up & coming pro you've surely started developing your alligator skin by now so the verbal abuse is meaningless and all there is to say is...

Congratulations on the win! :congrats:



Jun 30, 2018
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That was good smart play and I might have to try that myself some day. They might have thought you and sitting out player were one and the same but maybe the country the sitting out player was from was shown and different than yours. I certainly wouldn't worry about their sour grapes. You didn't break any rules.