Bluff gone Wrong



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Jul 7, 2007
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Well here's the situation:

Cash Table, .10 /.25 cents No-Limit Holdem, CAP limit ($7.50) , 6 Handed.

I was UTG+1, i called with A6 suited., everyone folds to the BB who cheks.

Flop came 99K ( no flush draw ).

He checks, I checked.

Turn came a lower card ( 7 or 8 ), again no flush draw. He checked ,I bet .50 to try to take it there. He thaught a bit and called.

River brought another random card. He checked and then i decided to try to take the pot by betting 1.25, it had worked before so i thought it would also this time...

Now, the whole reason why this went so wrong was because while i was typing 1.25, i was distracted with something else and to this moment i still don't know what i did but after i pressed ENTER and saw my bet, I HAD GONE ALL IN... , it's a good thing it was a capped table, otherwise who knows how much i would have lost. And yes, I'm sure the BB smiled when he saw my bet because he had flopped a full house and probably thought he was not going to get paid that much with it but thanks to my mistake he made the max profit he could have...

Anyways, the point here is not how the hand got played but how a little distraction can make one lose a big pot. First time it happens and hopefully it will be the last.



Nov 1, 2007
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I did once fold AA pre-flop. Similar situation, was distracted and hit the wrong button. I don't know how the hand went - I closed my eyes!


Sep 14, 2007
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I've never done anything that bad, but once preflop with AA I meant to click the slider to increment the raise but instead minraised. Luckily I got re-raised, I was able to do a real raise, get all the money in preflop, and beat QQ :)


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Nov 27, 2007
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lol, i made a killer fold in omaha hi earlier this year on bodog (10-25 cents) i had about 95 dollars on the table, 6ppl call my raise preflop, i had raised with AJJ10 double suited, i flopped the nuts (quad jacks), check raised turn, and raised pot on river, guy re-raises me allin after i got up because my doorbell rings, i came back, and saw my time bank going from 3-2-1, pot was over $135, and i was autofolded, guy flashes Aces for Aces full of jacks, i woulda, coulda, shoulda... :(