A fight in the poker club



For the first time saw a fight at the poker table.

Suddenly a strong cry, screeching dealer "call security". One player dramatically pulls the chair out from under yourself, beginning around the poker table to the left. The second party quickly gets up and walks in his direction. Rush at each other, hit her in the face. Immediately get into the clinch. Twitch. Pull them apart for a long time and not immediately effective.

I don't know the exact reasons, but according to rumors - a man insulted a girl.

Оба покинули покер-клуб. Why not a sport!?

And this is a similar video:-


Rock Star
An interesting topic for reflection) It's hard to imagine how was playing poker when he was just born. Previously, it was very dangerous to play), but in our time today disgraceful and violent behavior is unacceptable. Therefore, aggression at the table you want to exclude and seriously punish her