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I will be playing in a Live MTT this week end. appox 160-180 people. This will be my first live Torney. I was wondering what you think a good stratagie would be..This is the blind structure.
4:00-4:30 2 5
4:30-5:00 5 10
5:00-5:30 10 25
5:30-6:00 25 50
6:00-6:30 50 100
Break 6:30pm - 7:00pm
7:00-7:30 100 200
7:30-8:00 200 400
8:00-8:30 400 600
8:30-9:00 600 1000
9:00-9:30 1000 1500
9:30-10:00 1500 2000
10:00-10:30 2000 3000
10:30-11:00 3000 6000
11:00-11:30 6000 10000
11:30-12:00 10000 15000
12:00-12:30 15000 20000

the starting chip stack will be between 960-1100 depending on total registration. I've never played in a tourney with so many chips and such small binds. I can see how a person could get in trouble early with people calling with nothing and catching cards. i mean a standard raise would only make it say 20 to go..if everybody has 1000 chips...lots of callers ect...So would the correct play be extremly tight for the first hour or more, then just jam the pot...big bets...Any suggestions?



I don't think you have to worry about the blinds being so low vs your starting chips. If you are playing with decent players you won't get out priced for most pots. The standard raise of 3-4x BB should still work to push people out.

You can afford to sit for a couple of rounds and just watch your table to see how they play. You can get a read on who is passive vs aggressive and the calling stations etc.

You are afraid of the maniac who will try to riase it to 100 at the 2-5 blinds. It doesn't take long to figure out who they are and you can aviod them or fire back hard to scare them or just let them steal the small stuff early and hit him hard when the blinds are higher.

I just say play your normal game and you will do fine. Once you get a feel of the table your at, the poker will be about the same.
Count DeMoney

Count DeMoney

You didn't mention if it was Limit or NL, Hold-em or something else. So can we assume NL H-E?

Also you didn't mention how big the buy in is or whether there are rebuys. Based on your info I assume it's a small ($25 or less buy in) with rebuys.

With small rebuy tourneys it's almost a crapshoot until the rebuy period ends (I assume it's unlimited rebuys which these usually are). You really need to play tight until after the break which is usually when the rebuy period ends. After that everyone plays nut-up for a while so you can try some blind stealing and bluffing. Especially if you've been pegged as a tight player.

Good luck and have fun! Where's the tourney at?


Love when the blinds start off so small. It means there's way less luck involved and its more about good poker. I do agree with the count regarding buy ins though. People go mental for that first period. Play solid cards and wait for the next stage before any major moves. Also don't get too freaked out if some people seem to have massive stacks early on. With such low blinds this must be down to some maniac moves or getting lucky against some real fish. If you play good cards you'll soon get the chance to catch up and probably pass most of them out. Cool head and good luck!


Ah yea I love the small blinds to start. It lets you observe the table get to know the players at the same time. Its also a good idea in the first few levels to test your table image for the later stages. Throw out a positional raise or 2 when its cheap, just for information.


Yea its like the wsop events you start with alot of chips and small blinds you should play tight at the begining like you should with every MTT and just react to the situation


The buy in is $40 dollars no rebuys. It's a charity tournement so i'm not sure about the other players. I think it will be a mix of never played before to solid players. I'm not sure how that will change things if at all.

Thanks to all who responded, I'm just going to wait for good hands early, not try to make any moves...really focus on the people playing...the tourney is in Omaha, Nebraska. Good prizes though no cash but first place is an 80inch tv with surround system..