large tourny sit outs during tourny: pros & cons



When in large tournys, ESPECIALLY freerolls, sitting through every hand can spell disaster. I have developed a "LAST TABLE STRAGEDY" that has truly helped.
IF.... i get a lead in the first hour and I am in the top 20, i take a 30 to 60 min break during the 2nd hour, I don't even watch. Then when i come back, I'm way behind the chip leaders, but i have advanced hundreds of players closer. No bad beats took me out. Then I can play to close the gap in the 3rd hour.
I have made over 30% more final tables with this technique. It took a year to establish the data, to prove to myself this was a viable tournement stagedy, but it was worth it! Tournement play is all about survival, try this sometime, let me know how you did!
Or if you disagree, explain why you do. GL ALL:rolleyes:


please dont

I don't even want to see the data, people come up with these KILLER ideas all the time. YOUR IN A FREEROLL, you expect great play? I would much rather just play for that hour and get a big chip lead or be right along with the chip leaders and get to final table and dominate then sit out and play the small stack rest of the tourney, if you take some bad beats and go out then oh well thats part of the game.

Warui Guy

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That technique doesnt work in turbo tourney, in a normal tourney you need to at least triple up early if youre going to lay down in the 2nd hour. Tried that many times only to be forced to play KK and lose before final table.


sitting out should be left to people who are too drunk and pass out at the keyboard.