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How To Play Against Tight Players



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Apr 24, 2005
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You're on the button and dealt
KQ of diamonds. Aaron is first
to act and he makes it $20 to

Everyone else at the table folds
because they know that Aaron is
a very tight player...

When he makes a bet, everybody
runs because more times than
not he's holding aces or kings.

You, however, decide to see a
flop by calling the bet. Why
not, you have good positioning
on him and he must act first
after the flop.

The flop hits K,9,4 with no
diamonds. Aaron doesn't even
hesitate before firing out a
$50 bet...

The action is on you and you're
not feeling very good about your
top pair.

You know that Aaron doesn't bluff
and that there is a good chance
that he is holding Aces, Kings,
or Big Slick.

If he has any of these hands,
you're in big trouble.

You decide to see the next card
because you are stubborn and
want to see a queen hit.

This is where you've made the

You've just become pot committed
and didn't even think about the
action after the turn card hits.

If you had thought about what was
to come, you would have realized
that Aaron is going to make an
even larger bet.

He always does.

He's probably going to fire at
least $100 at you. Then what do
you do?

You will be invested for $70 and
$100 more won't seem like much to
pay. And even if you do hit your
queen or king, you may still be
in big trouble.

These are the types of hands that
get players in trouble against
tight players. They don't think
about the price they will have
to pay after the turn and the

In this example, we decided to
call the $50 after the flop. If
we had played the hand out in our
head, we would have seen how ugly
it could get.

We knew that Aaron would fire an
even larger bet after the turn
card hit.

We are not prepared to call
another huge bet against a tight
player like him.

Here is how we should have played
the hand...

Yeah, we all love KQ suited. Aaron
made it $20 to play before the flop.

I would call his bet even though
I'm sure he's got a monster hand.

Why not... if diamonds hit you're
going to rake a large pot. The flop
hit K, blank, blank. We just hit
our top pair but Aaron came out

Here is where we have to lay the
hand down. Don't commit yourself
to the pot by calling another bet.
This will make it even harder to
fold after the turn and river.

Take your $20 loss and catch
Aaron when you flop a monster
against him.


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May 20, 2005
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I hate K,Q suited. I probably won't call a big raise with K, Q suited.


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Nov 17, 2005
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Arron might uses his table image to scare everyone of the pot, im ultra tight, and when i miss the flop i usually bet the pot and people fold, usually because they are scared. You just cant rely on that Arron did hit , although KQs, i wouldnt call unless other players had call, i wouldnt make a lot of money out of it, unless multi handed. Thats my opinion on the hand :)


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Dec 29, 2005
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tight players I think are kitty kats just have to push em around eh. lol
raise okay i reraise the tight player then go all in on the flop doesn't matter what hits he'll/she'll fold! eh. or do i have this all wrong. lol I've only been playin' for 2months now so i have alot to learn but this is what i would do playing a tight player