Flopped set 2NLHE



HJ: (100BB) Raises 2.5BB
Villain BTN: (100BB) Calls.
Hero. BB: (100BB) 44. Calls.

Flop ($0.16) AT4r.
Hero checks, HJ checks, Villain bets $0.11. HI folds, Hero calls.

Turn (0.38) 8
Hero checks, villain bets $0.24, Hero calls.

River 10
Hero checks, villain shoves, Hero calls.

My main focus was to get all the money in the middle when I flopped the set. Did I play too slow?

Villain seemed like a standard TAG.


Because your oop you want to make a small raise on the turn to set up a river shove.You allow villain to check back the river taking this line oop.


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In my Opinion It was a Little slow probably against this TAG player it was the correct moves due he at the end shoves that was your main goal since the flop came with your set you want to make a pot in the turn that makes you go all in on the river so I agree with MettaGame you should it make a small raise on the turn I'm just a starter on the cash games but that's what i believe the correct move Good Luck! :D


First of all, if villain is a standard TAG, whats his range? TPTK with the A? Top 2Pair with AT? TT? 88? Looking at your hand, which worse hands will call and which better hands will dominate.

TAGs bet/fold a lot and considering the fact that he bet 3/4 on the flop as well as on the turn makes me think that he connected pretty well.

You need to understand that the only reason to slowplay is to let villain catch up on a static board, but this board is not static. KQ/Ax/QJ and medium pp are all in his range and he bets it. If he has air, you can slowplay all you want, he will not call a shove IF he's a TAG.

Also, you only have bottom set here. I would not put him on AA since he would have 3bet preflop. He connected and bets rather big, no need to slowplay. Call the flop, check raise the turn all in. If you lose on the runout cause he hits one of his 6 outs to the nuts...bad luck, but well played. But if you even consider AT or 88 in his range and call the river shove..rather not so well played :)

On the other hand, if this was a guy who sat there for three orbits doing nothing, folds to every cbet and suddenly plays like a maniac, I'd even consider folding, since he'd only bet the top of his range so hard.

If you've seen him playing trash, like KT or QT or even tripple barrel AJ he's not a TAG and you can be good with 4s over Ts

TL;DR: Its Microstakes. Don't play fancy. If you have a hand, bet it for value, especially when you think villain connected. I've seen people going wild with AK in those spots or tripple barrel QJ.

So what did he have? AT?
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