AK against huge 4bet (low stakes) (pre-flop play)



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I have lost big pots in this situation by going all-in preflop. Let's dive deeply into preflop play with AK against huge 4bet (at least 3x of 3bet amount)

Somebody bet, I 3bet 3x of initial raise and then opponent 4bets HUGE. By huge 4bet I mean usually, I 4bet 2.2x of 3bet, and opponent 4bets something around three times of 3bet.
I think by calling this kind of huge 4bet is very unprofitable when we miss the flop, not much fold equity because pot is already so big, and folding is also very painful with this kind premium hand.

If somebody 4bets that 2x of 3bet, it will be an easy call, but these huge 4bets makes my head explode. How to calculate the math of this kind of situation? When to fold and when to go all-in? I want to get a deep analysis of this scenario. How about multi-way pots?


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In my experience you see these kind of 4bets a lot in microstakes, especially on Stars. That doesn't mean that's good :D

Generally to see if a call is profitable or not you want to compare you're Equity vs villains estimatet range vs the potodds. So let's say you have 40% equity and have to pay 35% you have a profitable call.
Then you would add the estimated fold equity on top of you're raw equity, so let's say villain folds 10%, you have 40%, so even a 50% call would become breakeven.

Questions are: Are people 4bet-bluffing were you play? What do we know about Villain? Are we playing IP/OOP?

Playing IP id take it postflop. It is not unlikely that villain also has AK wich we can outplay Postflop. We just work around that by sizing stab IP very small (20-25%). If villain also has AK and board doesnt connect he has a very ugly spot as with 100bb eff. stacksize he has half of his stack in by the turn. Lets say we play our Aces the same way, we completely crush his range now.

OOP I tend to jam, as we can't use position. Question is now, what does his estimated range look like (position), do we have fold equity?

If we estimate that the avarege lowstakes player on you're site doenst 4bet bluff id fold. If not we jam into him. Even vs KK we have 30% So in order to protect our 3betrange we go broke.
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