Advice for NLHE Poker as a Part-Time/Side Hustle?

I've recently fallen in love with Poker, specifically NLHE Cash Games and have been entertaining the idea of grinding it on the side to generate some extra income. Appreciate any help.


The Plan

Multi-tabling (at least 2) NLHE full-ring cash tables. Aiming for a total of at least 140 HPH on average between both tables and a winrate of at least 4BB/100. Playing for at least 20 hours a week on 888Poker in Canada. Starting with a bankroll of around $80-$100 and investing in Poker tracking software. Starting at microstakes and working up to around NL $1/$2 stakes. The idea is that with these as the bare minimum requirements, I could eventually earn at least around as much as an equivalent minimum wage, part-time job or more. Let me know what you think, could this work and be profitable?

A few key issues/questions I'm looking for some inisight on:

Bankroll Management

Some people have suggested that I start with $100 and buy into a NL $1/$2 with the entire thing. This seems like entirely the wrong approach to me. Surely, with the variance involvied in Poker, it would be much smarter to only buy in to a table with a portion of your bankroll you could handle losing. So in my case, I would start with microstakes and work up to $1/$2 and eventually $2/$5. Am I right or wrong?


Multi-tabling is a lucrative prospect because you can theoretically increase your HPH by 100% with each new table. However, it's been proven most humans can't multitask effectively and as such, your play will suffer as compared to focusing on one table. So the question is: do you think seeing more HPH outweighs the fact that you are more likely to miss an oppurtunity, not play a hand to its full potential, or even make a costly mistake?


With the intention of being a long-term profitable player, what is the best approach or playstyle to take to the game? With this I am referring both to TAG play vs LAG play as well as fancy play vs ABC Poker. Which also ties into Multi-tabling, perhaps it works only if you stick to ABC Poker? What do you think?

Tournaments and Other Poker Variants

I'm fairly confident NLHE full-ring cash games is what I want to grind. That being said, would other variants such as Omaha, Limit, Snap (fast fold), 6 max (short handed), or tournaments be worth learning?


So, what do you think? Anything else you think is important to know for someone looking to enter the world of Poker for a profit? Any further input? Thanks very much in advance.