Another fun hand in two parts... what would you do here?

Opponent reads:
awesum seems to call with anything, making a killing by frequently showing down 2 pair with less-than-premium hands on the river... although she can lay down a hand to a big bet when beaten
chrystal has recently joined the table and has been quite quiet - could be good or bad player

Part 1: The flop

Table #128410 - Scarborough
Starting Hand #8234766
Last Hand #8234684
Game Type: Hold'em
Limit Type: No Limit
Table Type: Ring
Money Type: real money
Blinds are now $0.05/$0.10
Button is at seat 2
Seat 1: Gemma1986 - $7.75
Seat 2: awesum - $53.92
Seat 3: loosefingers - $11.06
Seat 4: chrystal - $9.63
Seat 5: You - $12.31
Seat 6: drunkenbull - $11.56
Seat 8: galwayal - $9.75
Seat 9: JSouzaF - $10.74
Seat 10: Frogster - $5
Moving Button to seat 4
You post small blind ($0.05)
drunkenbull posts big blind ($0.10)
Frogster posts $0.10
loosefingers posts $0.10
loosefingers posts $0.05 dead
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
Dealing 9♥ 9♠ to you
galwayal folds
JSouzaF folds
Frogster checks
Gemma1986 folds
awesum calls $0.10
loosefingers checks
chrystal calls $0.10
You raise to $0.90
drunkenbull folds
Frogster did not respond in time and is folded
Frogster folds
awesum calls $0.90
loosefingers folds
chrystal calls $0.90
Dealing Flop Q♥ J♥ K♥

a) Check-fold - you're probably beat
b) Half-pot semi-bluff continuation bet - after all, you have a straight flush draw
c) Pot it and hope everyone folds

Part 2 - The turn

You actually bet half the pot and both opponents call.

Dealing Flop Q♥ J♥ K♥
You bet $1.50
awesum calls $1.50
chrystal calls $1.50
Dealing Turn 6♣

a) Check / fold - you're definitely beat
b) Another continuation bet for half the pot
c) Bet all-in - no-one has shown any strength and could just be on draws - and 6♣ probably hasn't helped them... you have enough chips to stop anyone drawing to the flush or straight
d) Check-raise all-in, as this projects most strength


Flop: I check - barring the flush/straight draw, this is just about the worst flop for 9s. I check and hope that they all have ace high and check behind you for a free card.

Turn: I check again; you bet, but were called by 2 people. Yes they could be drawing, but they could also be trying to hold on with AQ or something like that, or who knows, maybe one of them has a made straight or flush. Don't waste any more money on this hand. You say that awesum has been calling down 2 pairs and big hands.....hint hint :/


I actually chose (c): all-in on the turn. No-one showed any strength on the flop, and I probably had 15 or so outs if called. Awesum folded. chrystal called and won. Her hand: [6h] [6s]! How could anyone call on the flop with that?

Dealing Turn [6c]
Bombjack bets $9.91 (all-in)
awesum folds
galwayal: back alleys mainly
chrystal calls $7.23 (all-in)
Returning $2.68 to Bombjack uncalled
chrystal shows [6h] [6s]
Bombjack shows [9h] [9s]
Dealing River [Ad]
Taking Rake of $1.10 from pot 1
Bombjack has One Pair: 9s
chrystal has Three of a Kind: 6s
chrystal wins $20.91 with: Three of a Kind: 6s


lol it's almost pointless analyzing 25NL and below because of the hand ranges....66 lol...weird


Rock Star
yeah when you are able to move up you will do better mainly because you can get a better read on their bets at higher stakes (atleast i think so, either that big bets scare me unless i have a big hand). In something like a 2/4 or 3/6 you probably wont have someone call after that flop with two sixes but I've seen worse in a 3/6 such as someone calling my 5x raise with j 6 off suit and flopping two pair against my poket queens