Turn or River Milking from a nut hand? Part 1

Vegas Cat

Vegas Cat

Jan 13, 2007
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I'll tell you who won and how it was really played in Part 2, just wanted your feedback on this hand I played at the casino yesterday.

What do you think?

BB - Me (My stack ~$500) BB $2
MP (Big stack ~$500) Limps $2 (slightly loose aggressive)
LP (Stack ~ $80) (loose passive)
Button (Stack ~ $120) (loose passive)

I'd been sitting at the table for just over an hour and had established I was slightly loose bold aggressive (had pushed over the top with reraises heads up twice before on 2nd best hands and made 2-3 medium bets that people folded to):

MP limps
LP limps
SB calls
BB (me) - check blind

$8 pot

5h, Qc, 2h

SB checks
BB (me) -check blind again
MP raise $10
LP fold
SB fold
BB (me) - guess I gotta check....Ah, 4h
(nice!! nut flush draw and gut shot straight)
I reraise flop bet to $30

MP brief pause, decides to call.

$68 pot


I check to the MP raiser.

He bets $50

What would you do next?

Vegas Cat


Suckout Queen
May 22, 2005
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Slurp. slurp, take him for all he's got. Call and hope he gets that extra card that gives him a set.:D


Feb 28, 2007
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This is always a fun spot to be in. There's not enough information about how the guy in MP acts for me to tell you for sure what I would do here. If you put him on a flush I think a call and then a bet out on the river would be your best play. He would most likely call your bet and if he puts you on a bluff you might even be lucky enough to get a raise out of him. A raise here would scare him off of most hands imo, even a weak flush. You already check raised the pot once and if you do it again it might look suspicious. That board doesn't really offer much other than a pair of Qs, maybe two pair but I seriously doubt it and a set would have re-raised that flop....or should have at least. I can see him with a Q high flush with QJ or Q 10, somewhere in that range and if you're luck KQ for the 2nd nut flush, although i don't see that because most loose aggressive players would bump it a little with that hand. I can also see a 9 or 10 high flush here with suited connectors limping in and betting his flush draw. If you feel he respects your play I would stick with my original plan of calling and then betting out hoping he's going to look you up on the river. If you feel your read on him as an aggressor is strong and think he's going to bet the river if you call the turn then check to him then go for it but then you run the risk of not getting paid off to a river bet. With all this in mind I would hope he has his flush and bet the river. The more I think about it the more I would put him on the 9 10 of hearts and a call then check would get checked down on the river as well if this is what he has. As for how much to bet if you do go with the call then bet out, around 80 would be good. It's half the pot at this point and would be a callable amount but it's not to small that you're thinking to yourself I wish I had bet more. Hopefully these thoughts help, there's obviously more than one way to bet this hand but after some thought this would be my course of action.


Jul 6, 2006
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Make it $150. Seriously, I can't believe anyone's considering anything but raising here. He has some sort of hand but you have the nuts. If he has [kh] there's a good chance he calls on the draw but folds to any river bet, and if he has a set or maybe 2 pair, he'll probably either push here or at least call. Don't let him fill up for free on the river. One of the main reasons for playing aggressively is so you can raise in situations exactly like this and it won't look too conspicuous.

Btw what's with checking your BB in the dark? What if you have a premium hand and you're letting a bunch of limpers see a free flop?
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