TPTK, scary board



Obviously fold the river, but what about the turn? You have to wonder what he's calling with... do you bet out again? If you check as I did, do you call his bet or is the board too scary?

Seat 1: Lea97 - $431.48
Seat 2: Guldnicke - $414.59
Seat 3: Impulsive - $147.15
Seat 4: thatjrklotus - $148.05
Seat 5: filter1 - $116.70
Seat 6: BirchLeafs - $199.70
Seat 7: CHIP777 - $82.85
Seat 9: RichieKGB - $122 (away from table)
Seat 10: Bombjack - $197
Moving Button to seat 6
CHIP777 posts small blind ($1)
Bombjack posts big blind ($2)
Shuffling Deck
Dealing Cards
Dealing [:ad: :jc:] to Bombjack
Lea97 calls $2
Guldnicke folds
Impulsive folds
thatjrklotus calls $2
filter1 calls $2
BirchLeafs folds
CHIP777 calls $2
Bombjack checks
Dealing Flop [:6c: :6s: :js:]
CHIP777 checks
Bombjack bets $6
Lea97 calls $6
thatjrklotus folds
filter1 folds
CHIP777 folds
Dealing Turn [:2s:]
Bombjack checks
Lea97 bets $8
Bombjack calls $8
Dealing River [:10s:]
Bombjack checks
Lea97 bets $16
Bombjack folds


i think you can bet the turn and fold to a raise. good chance he floated the flop with a pocket pair and u are still ahead.


Rock Star
River was definitely a fold. Turn I would say bet and fold to a re-raise rather than let him set the stakes. Checking gives him the open door to bet out... good if you made the flush, bad if you didn't. If you are going to check at the third spade, at least re-raise him :) If he didnt have the spade he might have folded (or not)


I'm confused
Check/calling seems to be the worst option on the turn. Either bet/fold to a reraise or check/raise, if he raises you or calls you reraise then you can be 99% sure your pair of jacks is beat. As it stands you have no idea where you stand. Of course you have to fold the river.


I think you guys are right, bet the turn then check/fold this river if called.

He showed the Six of diamonds after I folded, but I don't know what the other card was.