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full tilt poker Game #659968203: Table Meadows - $0.05/$0.10 - No Limit Hold'em - 2:28:55 ET - 2006/05/24
Seat 1: Effexor ($16.10)
Seat 2: atlantalu ($9.90)
Seat 3: SonnyJonez ($13.90)
Seat 4: cid999 ($0), is sitting out
Seat 5: David1950 ($4)
Seat 6: BillyGs44 ($6.70)
Seat 7: Veil18 ($29.50)
Seat 8: NoLimit22 ($29.70)
Seat 9: BigTemp ($7.40)
Veil18 posts the small blind of $0.05
cid999 stands up
NoLimit22 posts the big blind of $0.10
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Effexor [Ah As]
BigTemp folds
Effexor raises to $0.20
atlantalu calls $0.20
SonnyJonez folds
David1950 calls $0.20
BillyGs44 folds
Veil18 calls $0.15
NoLimit22 folds
*** FLOP *** [8c 3c Qc]
Veil18 checks
Effexor bets $0.90
Newhall sits down
atlantalu calls $0.90
Newhall adds $2
Newhall is feeling confused
David1950 folds
Veil18 folds
*** TURN *** [8c 3c Qc] [3d]
Effexor bets $1
atlantalu calls $1
*** RIVER *** [8c 3c Qc 3d] [8s]
Effexor bets $2.10
atlantalu raises to $7.80, and is all in

What should I have done? Was my betting correct? Read was tight passive player.


I dont think you covered yourself in glory with this hand

In an early position, espeically with these blinds, a standard 4 x BB raise should be put in, if not more.

You are correct to bet out on that flop, as you wanna push out the possible flush (unless he has already hit, of course)

As you are out of poistion, betting out again is the correct play, as you dont want him to hit the flush for free. The river is also horrible, and I would have checked here. There is very little you can actually beat.

A missed flush? KQ? What if your opponent thought you had the flush draw and was calling with his pair of 8's or 3'?

This is an easy fold. Your opponent almost certainly has you beat


I would fold too. Your preflop betting is what did you in here. To me it looks like you were betting scared the whole hand. You played conservative preflop, then you bet super aggressive post flop. With a flush and 3 of a kind here, I don't understand your river bet. I know you are trying to scare out your opponent, but if he hasn't left the hand yet then he likely isn't going anywhere and you are just throwing money at a made hand.
chipslap u

chipslap u

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Had you been taking a few beats up to this point from loose players?

You're preflop bet indeed appears timid. Softplaying big pairs in an early position is always going to get you in trouble as you are encouraging most of the table to see an inexpensive flop.

You should protect your big hand by betting 4-7x the bb preflop from early positons to limit the number of callers. Your bet on the flop was correct as previously stated. You need to gather some sort of info there as that board is very unfriendly for your aces.

Your caller is still leeching on so it's fair to assume he isn't going anywhere. This is check and hope to get freecards. Maybe you could have gotten lucky and hit an ace on the river for free and punked him for slow playing whatever rag he had been playing that made the board so appealing.

Folding isn't just something you do when you remove your clothes from the dryer. You can't marry yourself to AA as the unbeatable hand. Aces get cracked so often it's sickly.


Do you have a read on atlantalu??? I don't like your chances here, no matter the read though. First thing, you need a MUCH bigger bet PF. A min raise isn't going to scare of any mediocre hands off and that's exactly what beat you. You have to fold on the river.


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You all are spot on. I had taken several tough beats from loose players and turned timid. I think my biggest mistake was the PF bet, was far too small to drive out much of anyone. This was the second time that day that the same exact thing happend, got AA and flop comes 3 suited cards that were different suits that the A's I had.

Both times I ended up folding.

This morning I got AA again, this time raised it 4xBB and got called, flop / turn ended up 8,9,10,J, villian bet big and I folded them again.

Die pocket aces !
chipslap u

chipslap u

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Well the good news is you have progressed as a player. It's hard to get past the pocket pair syndrome.

Basically meaning that recognizing potential hands to lose to and avoiding paying off huge losses by dumping big hands in bad situations.

One new problem to avoid is any loss in confidence in the strength of that starting hand. Take note of players trying to push you off of the hands you bet. If it becomes a cycle then they think they have a read and will continue to push until you smack them back hard with a steadfast call or all in. Don't be afraid to take down a pot on the flop and make them choose to chase for all their checks.

Sometimes the best play is to raise your standard action bet preflop and when the flop comes unload the whole mess. This generally signifies strength and a dare you to chase on me. It's a situational thing and not a practice to play too often as it will hurt you. If the table knows you aren't afraid to go full boar they will look for another mark to push around.


For the most part, it's already been said...

You have the nuts preflop...so play it that way. :)

You want to scare off the wimpy hands and only get called by one or two decent hands. AA doesn't like a lot of folks seeing the flop. So bet 4-6XBB preflop.

Then you bet the flop strong since AA is still only one pair and, although a very good hand, not a monster. Your pot sized bet should have driven away the drawing hands...leaving only the made hands to call (possibly just top pair). When you are called on the flop, you reduced your bet to 1/2 pot on the turn...I don't mind that play. The 3 is not great and you still have to consider that he may have made a flush on the flop.

Now I agree that the bet on the river was just tossing money away. That board was ugly and this tight/passive player has just called two streets. I check fold to any decent bet on the river. (Well, that's what I say when I can logically examine it...in a real game, I probably push allin on the river and loose my ass...I'm stupid like that.)

I would add, as previously stated, that being able to drop your AA is a HUGE step in improving as a player...and you have made that step. CONGRATS!


i haven't read responses, but i'm sure they include what i'm about to say.

Raise more preflop! 3 to 5 BBs is good.
You want to buy yourself equity in the pot by limiting the number of players who see the flop to 2 or better, 1.
As for your river play, considering what you had done before, i'd check and see what his action would be, then act accordingly.
Folding is definitely the best option to his raise.


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I'm sorry...I had to post it somewhere and thought this was a better idea than creating a new thread.

Pocket A's for 2 people

** Dealing card to ~ME~: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds

Sev-07 folded

kiwilily folded

KingofAce folded

~ME~ raised - $600.00

33Arca went all-in - $1370.00

greenG1033 folded

filou80000 went all-in - $650.00

georgeW66 folded

madthew folded

~ME~ called - $1370.00

33Arca shows: Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts

filou80000 shows: 5 of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

Effexor said:
NoLimit22 posts the big blind of $0.10
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Effexor [Ah As]
BigTemp folds
Effexor raises to $0.20


Raise 3 or 4 bbs pf, villain most likely has Ac8/Kc8, this is a fold, though I'd have to think about it.